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Let me show you some of the projects I have achieved:
Here is some of the projects listed in the "Executed Projects" page, keep visiting my Home page for new pictures will be added soon.

Information Kiosk, aerial view.

Information Kiosk, side view.

Information Kiosk, entrance door.

Solidere Showroom, History of Beirut.

Vertical Triangle pannel, for exhibitions.

Base detail of triangle element.

Villa E. Arslan, entrance.

Villa Reception area.

Villa Patio.

Apt Mrs & Mr Ezzedine, view from living.

Apt view from TV room.

Apt view from entrance.

Apt view in dining room.

Apt Mrs Hamade, entrance.

Apt, Bergeres corner.

Al Mawarid Bank, Reception area.

Bank Manager desk detail.

Apt Mrs & Dr Ballouz, Corner d'ambiance.

Apt Dining Element,closed.

Apt Dining Element, opening 1/4.

Apt Dining Element, opening 3/4.

Apt Dining Element, open to kitchen.

Apt Salon area.

Apt Tv-room area.

Apt Tv-room area.

Apt Master Bedroom