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Projects I have achieved so far in my field:
From 1993 till year 2000, Arts et Metiers Design Studio:
Where I have worked, designed and executed projects listed as follows:

*Design and Applications in Public Spaces, Banks and Offices:

-Information Kiosk, for Solidere, Down town, Beirut.
-Al Mawarid Bank, Head Offices, Hamra, Beirut.
-"MEA" Head Offices, Airport, Beirut.
-Al Mawarid Bank, Mar Elias Branch, Beirut.
-Office Mr Deputy M.Hamade, Sannayeh, beirut.
-Office Mr S.Solh, Ras Beirut, Beirut.
-"ALTANA" Shop, Verdun Plaza 2, Hamra, Beirut.
-"COTTON FIELD" Shop, Verdun Plaza 2, Hamra, Beirut.
-"Al-Yarz" Leisure Club, Lockers areas, Yarze, South Metn.

Residential Dramatical Scene.
Seperating Element between
Salon and Tv room.


*Design and Applications in Private Spaces, Villas and Apartments:

-Apt Mrs Hamade, Sannayeh, Beirut.
-Apt Mrs & Mr Shehade, Naccach, North Metn.
-Apt Mrs & Mr Gazzawi, Hamra, Beirut.
-Penthouse Mr K.Arab, Gefinor, Hamra, Beirut.
-Roof Mr M.Salam, Gefinor, Hamra, Beirut.
-Chalet Mrs & Mr Gazzawi, Fakra, Kesrouan.
-Roof Mrs & Mr A.Nsouli, Verdun, Beirut.
-Apt Mrs Nsouli, Sannayeh, Beirut.
-Apt Mrs & Mr T.Kiwan, Baabda, South Metn.
-Apt Mrs D.Khalife, Jounieh, Kesrouan.
-Apt Mrs & Mr R.Ezzedine, Hamra, Beirut.
-Apt Mrs & MR P.Mansour, Rabieh, North Metn.
-Apt Mrs & Mr R.Rahal, Badaro, North Metn.
-Duplex Mrs & Mr R.Boustany, Hazmieh, North Metn.
-Apt Mrs & Mr N.Gemayel, Ashrafieh, Beirut.
-Apt Mrs & Mr M.Samy El Pacha, Doha Hills, AJ5, South Lebanon.

From 1991 till 1993, experiences acquired in different offices:

*Office Mr G.Yaccoub, Free lance job:

-Design concept for Byblos Bank branch Badaro & Jbeil.

*Office Mr S.Rayes, applications in private spaces:

-Renovation old Lebanese architecture, Residence Mrs & Mr Debs, Ghazir, Kesrouan.
-Apt Mrs & Mr Deputy General H.Husseini, Hamra, Beirut.
-Apt Mrs & Mr M.Nahfawi, Hamra, Beirut.

*Office Mr J.Rabbath, Design:

-Personal furniture designs for the office.
-"A.B.C" corporation design with a model, Dbayeh, North Metn.

Personal Projects since year 2000 till now as a Freelancer:

  1. Apt Mrs N. Kai, Naccach, North Metn.
  2. Apt Mrs V. Helou, Ajaltoun, Kesrouan.
  3. Apt Mr & Mrs S. Halloun, Tripoli, Norh Lebanon.
  4. Office Mr J. Jleilaty, Jdeideh, North Metn.
  5. Boutique Mrs H. El-Loun Men's wear, Tripoli, North Lebanon.
  6. "Salon Toni" Hair dresser, Ashrafieh, Beirut.
  7. Apt Dr & Mrs M. Ballouz, Ashrafieh, Beirut.
  8. Apt Mr & Mrs S. Touma, Ajaltoun, Kesrouan.
  9. Apt Mr & Mrs A. Aramouni, Beit el kiko, North Metn.
  10. Hairdressers' salon "Charme", Adonis, Kesrouan.
  11. Residence Mr & Mrs Y. Mallah, Bsalim, North Metn.
  12. Apt Mr & Mrs Z. Boustany, Rabieh, Metn North.
  13. Damas Jewelery Designs prototypes, Dubai headquarters.
  14. Residence Dr & Mrs G. Farés, Nabbay, Metn North. 
  15. Apt Mss H. Shawkat, Ain El Tineh, Beyrouth. 
  16. Villa Mr & Mrs J. Saliba, Meziara, North Lebanon.                                                                   
  17. Penthouse Dr & Mrs M. Ballouz, Asfrafieh, Beirut.
  18. Law Office firm, Mrs H. Mallah, Jal El Dib, Beirut.
  19. Villa Mr & Mrs C. Khalifeh, Kfar Yasin, Beirut.

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Public Space, Information Kiosk.
Aerial view, Down town,
Martyrs place.

Residential Ambiance corner.
Dining room element.